International 2012 Town Planning Conferences to Attend

Listed below are some NITP selected International Town Planning Conferences scheduled to hold in 2012 which members should be encouraged to participate.


Venue: Accra, Ghana
Date: March 29th – April 1, 2012
Cost: Air: N200, 000, Bus: N100, 000

All payments should be made latest March 3, 2012. Only 30 slots are reserved for Nigerian participants.


The WUF is organized annually by UN Habitat. It is a conference on City Development. It is a platform to discuss innovative ways to harness the positive aspects that urbanization can offer and solutions to problems that cities are facing.
The Theme of the WUF6 is “THE URBAN FUTURE”

The following sessions will hold during the Conference

Dialogue and Theme
Networking Events: Registration is ongoing and will close March 10, 2012
Side Events
Training Events: Call for training papers will close March 1, 2012
Gender Assembly
Exhibition, which will be fully, integrated into the main forum, to showcase some of the world’s premier cities and many innovations in urban development for more inclusive cities. Registration will soon open. States and organizations should be encouraged to participate.

Dialogue Topics

• Productive Cities& Urban Job Creation
• Livable cities & quality of life
• Urban Planning Institutions & Regulations
• Equity & prosperity of cities
• Culture & prosperity of cities
• Urban Mobility, energy & environment

UN-Habitat Priority Substantive Areas

• Urban land, legislation & governance
• Urban planning & design
• Urban economy
• Urban basic services
• Housing & slum upgrading
• Risk reduction & rehabilitation
• Research & capacity development

E-debate will soon commence on the dialogue topics members are advised to participate effectively. In addition, both the Networking and Training Events must be related to the dialogue topics and the priority areas.

REGISTRATION: Forum available at will soon be opened. Successful registration will receive auto reply confirming the registration. The response will be used to obtain visa in the Italy Embassy (60 days)

Venue: Mostrad’oltremare, western part of Naples, Italy.
Date: 1-7 Sept. 2012


• WUF- Individual members
• Air Transportation- N350, 000
• Participation fee- None
• Hotel and Feeding- N300, 000

All payments should be made latest June 30, 2012.


The World Cities Summit is a biennial event that provides city administrator, environmental executive and policy maker with practical and programmatic solutions. The second World Cities Summit was held in 2010 in Singapore with over 1000 participants from all the continents. There was also World Cities Expo, which featured exhibitors from various countries.

The focus of the 2012 Summit is LIVABLE AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES.

The main objective is to address the challenge of rapid urbanization and to be able to harmonize economic attractiveness, clean environment and quality of live for all the inhabitants.

ORGANIZERS: The World Cities Summit is jointly by:
The Centre for Livable Cities (CLC).  It is a policy oriented centered on urban governance and management set up by Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Environment and Water Resources; and
The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore’s National Land Planning Authority, responsible for the preparation of long time strategic plans and detailed local area plans for physical development as well as coordinates and guides efforts to bring these plans to reality.
Date: July 1-5, 2012


• Registration Fees: N340, 000
• Ticketed Events: Sin$ 40-60 as at when required
• Transportation: N400, 000
• Total cost: N850, 000

All payments should be made latest May 3, 2012.


The Benom Communication Ltd invites professionals in the built Environment to participate in a 5-day intensive National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Education programme in USA from April 23-27, 2012.
The course will give professionals an opportunity to produce a comprehensive image of the industry and offer multiple opportunities for networking.

 Land Planning and site development
 Building Technology (Plumbing and Electrical)
 Business/facility Management
 Housing Finance.
 Briefing: Construction Codes and Government Affairs
 Meeting with the NAHB Experts
 Visiting to the NAHB Research Centre Washington DC etc.

REGISTRATION: Deadline is February 2012. Only qualified participants will have details of travel arrangement, hotel reservation and feeding.

PARTICIPATION FEES: For those with valid US Visa: $4,500
 Seven Nights’ Accommodation.
 Programme and Certificate Fee.
 Continental Breakfast.
 Sandwiches for Lunch.
 Logistics.
 Nigeria-Washington-Nigeria.


Payment of $2,000= to the bank account and balance within one month. It is estimated that the total cost of this trip per participant will be about N1, 000,000.


• Venue: Durban, South Africa
• Date: September 17-19, 2012
• Cost: Registration & Transportation N700, 000.
All payments should be made latest May 29, 2012.


The NITP should host a Networking Event showcase urban and regional planning activities in Nigeria. The cost of the event will be posted in the UN Habitat website in November.

The Institute can also participate in exhibition; documents and activities of the Institute; Members and planning organizations in Nigeria can be collected and packaged for exhibition. States can also be involved in this programme.

Preparations of documents – CD, flash drives, or print for distribution.

Liaise with the Federal Ministry of Information for document and materials on Nigeria Do letters State Planning Organizations on the Conferences.

Contact FMLHUD on the activities relating to WUF6.

Contact UN-HABITAT for possibility of Sponsorship.


The NITP over the years have embarked on capacity building for her members through participation in Local and International Conferences, which have exposed members to best practices in the profession, new technologies and innovations. In view of the interest shown by members and organizations to participate in these programmes, the President has directed the Committee on International Workshops to inform and request you to register for the 2012 Conferences.

2. Please note that early registration and payments will reduce the cost of participation as well as enhance early processing of Visa. In this regards, interested persons are requested to contact NITP, Abuja for further details pending the outcome of detailed information on each of the Conferences.

For Cities Summit, Singapore and African Planning Association Conference, South Africa immediate registration with the Institute and payment of about 50% will attract rebate. Deadline for registration for the two is February 2012.

3. Letters will be sent to Organizations requesting them to sponsor town planners to the programmes. You are therefore requested to kindly forward particulars of your Organizations to the Secretariat no later than first week in March. In addition, you are to provide the in the attached form and the photocopy of the data page of your international passport.
4. Please ensure compliance with timeline to help us achieve our target and to serve you better.

Visit the NITP Official Website for more Information

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.

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