Investiture of the 10th Chairman of Ondo State NITP & Inaguration of Executive Committee

The Investiture on the newly elected executive committee of the Ondo state Chapter was held at the NITP Ondo State Chapter House Akure Ondo State on the 28th of June 2018.

The event was colourful and recorded a huge turn out.

The newly elected NITP Ondo State Chapter Executive members are

1. Tpl Prof F.K Omole Chairman

2. Tpl. Dr. Olugbamila 1st Vice Chairman

3.Tpl. S.A Ogundipe 2nd Vice Chairman

4. Tpl. I. E Amodu Secretary

5. Tpl. Miss Esther Olafiaji Assistant Secretary

6. Tpl. O. Olufayo Tresurer

7. Tpl. Andrew L. Akinmuwagun Fin Sec

8. Tpl.Mrs. F. T. Modebola- Fadimine Public Relations Secretary

9. Tpl. Mrs. Opeyemi Aladekoyi Auditor

We wish the elected executive members a successful tenure



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