To become a member of the NITP, read the guidelines below, download your respective forms (PDF) and then follow the instructions below:

Student Membership

Undergoing a regular course of study in Town Planning in a recognized University, College or any other Institution, the syllabus of which is approved for this level of membership by the Institute. Undergoing a course of study outside Nigeria in Town and Country Planning designed to satisfy the requirements of other Town Planning Institutes recognized by the Institute.

Hold the basic qualification of West African School Certificate or the equivalent and could show evidence of pursuing a course in Town and Country Planning as private students either through private correspondence tuition or by private personal tuition with the aim of taking the Institute’s examinations. Such a student is articled to a member of the Institute, and this is with the provision that such articleship is attested to in writing by at least two members of the Institute.

Download Student Membership Form


Graduate Membership

A successful completion of a recognized course of study in Town and Country Planning in a University, College or Institution, the syllabus of which is approved for this level of membership by the Institute. Satisfaction of the requirements for Membership of another Town Planning Institute recognized by the Institute. Successfully passing such examinations as may be prescribed by the Institute or TOPREC.

Download Graduate Membership Form


Corporate Membership

You can become an NITP Corporate Member after 2 years of being a graduate member.

Download Corporate Membership Form



You become a fellow after 10 years of being a corporate member.

Download FELLOW Form



1. Print and fill the requisite PDF Form. Note that each form is different.
2. Pay your membership fees into our UBA Account and get the teller.

ACCT NAME: Nigerian Institute of Town Planners,
ACCT NO: 1014801986, Koforidua Branch

3. Submit Form at the NITP Secretariat, either in person or by courier.


For questions or inquiries, please contact us or send an email to