New e-learning course: “Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning” available and open for registration

September 1 – October 19, 2011 (Apply by August 11, 2011)

After a successful launch in early 2011, the World Bank Institute is offering the updated version of the Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning course under the new World Bank e-Institute.

This course demonstrates how urban practitioners, policymakers, and city managers can effectively utilize policies and planning instruments to manage urban growth and achieve sustainable, equitable, and efficient development outcomes.

The course consists of seven modules, with case studies of good practices from around the world:
I. Understanding How Land Use Planning Contributes to Sustainable Urban Development
II. Institutions, Policies and Tools for Effective Land Use Planning
III. How to Integrate Land Use Planning and Infrastructure
IV. How to Manage Growth in Peri-Urban Areas
V. How to Promote Local Economic Development through Land Use Planning
VI. Social Equity and Land Use Planning
VII. Climate Change and Land Use Planning

Delivered entirely online, the course will be self-directed with support and tutoring from online facilitators. Online discussions, exercises on strategies, programs and action plans, and self-tests are built into each module, which help participants share their findings with peers and receive feedback. Virtual social networks and periodic knowledge exchange events on land use planning will enable alumni to build a community of practice for continued learning and networking.

For more information, please contact: Mansha Chen

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.

8 Replies to “New e-learning course: “Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning” available and open for registration”

  1. I am an undergraduate student of University of Lagos, department of Urban and Regional Planning. I am highly interested in this New e-learning course: “Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning”.

  2. I am a graduate waiting for NYSC of Adekule Ajasin
    University, Ondo State, Geography and Plannigs
    Sciences Department. I truely like the New e- learning:
    “Sustainable Uban Land Use Plannig”.

  3. I like this subject. It looks exactly like what we need over here. Am intrested in learning it 2 boost my knowledge nd skills to practise.I am Audrey Opara,an undergraduate of abia state university.

  4. am femi olaoye from the dept of urban and regional planning , can i still reg for the course and i need more online courses program abt planning.

  5. i am an undergraduate of federal university of technology minna, department of urban and regional planning, i will love to parteke in this, its a wonderful idea

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