NITP 42nd Annual Conference 2011




  • The Role of Private Sector in Physical Planning and Sustainable Management of Nigerian Cities
  • Sustainable Municipal Waste Management as Panacea for Economic Development and Wealth Creation: The role of the Private Sector.
  • Urbanization and the Challenges of Municipal Waste Management.
  • The role of Small Scale Service Providers in Sustainable Urban Management.
  • Innovative Urban land Management: Experiences from other Countries.

 To Improve the profession and  practice of Urban and Regional Planning by critically examining the roles of  public and private sectors in planning and the provision of other Urban services and facilities.


  • To expose participants to the emerging global trends, best practices and techniques in   Urban and Regional Planning Profession.
  • To improve the Professional Competence of Urban and Regional Planners and allied      professionals in the built environment to meet the challenges of today and better tomorrow.
  • To examine the challenges, prospects and other opportunities of municipal waste management in the urban environment.
  • To explore options and alternative in establishing partnerships between Public, Private, Communities ,NGO, CBO and all stake holders in the built environment.
  • To evolve contemporary emerging strategies of best practices of managing ‘Urban land.’
  • To critically evaluate the emerging role of informal sector in the sustainable urban management.

Members wishing to present papers on the above theme or any sub-theme are requested to send in a soft copy of the paper not later than 31st August, 2011 to these e-mail addresses:   

Conference Fees:

                                                  STUDENTS              MEMBERS               NON-MEMBERS

Before 30th Sept., 2011          N4, 000.00                 N20, 000.00                N25, 000.00

After 30th Sept., 2011            N5, 000.00                  N25, 000.00                N30, 000.00



Participants are expected to make payments in favour of Nigeria Institute of Town Planners (D Awal Plaza, Michael Okpara Street Wuse Zone 5 Abuja.) at any branch of Diamond Bank into NITP Account Number: 0022031005.

Please after payment, the payer should sms payment teller number, name of payer and amount paid to 08098478354.

Details can be downloaded can be downloaded from the Official NITP Website.


6 Replies to “NITP 42nd Annual Conference 2011”

  1. It is rare to come across a professional in whom you might have some faith. In the world today, nobody definitely cares about showing others the way out in this subjecttopic. How blessed I am to have now found a really wonderful site as this. It really is people like you who make a true difference in this world through the suggestions they share.

  2. it is nice to be a town planner, but the case in Abia state chapter is a different thing all together, majority of the senior town planners are interested in there pocket first before the profession(most of the executive secretaries), no provision for the young ones, please caution them ohhhhhhhhhh they are killing the system

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