NITP President Luka Achi Holds Students Forum at Osun State

The Institutue led by the National President, Tpl Luka Achi FNITP on the 18th of May 2017 held a Student Forum at Leisure Spring Hotel Osogbo, Osun State.

The Forum was aimed at interacting with students of planning schools across the country. The National Secretary Tpl Gbolabo Osunsanmi, The National Public Relations Secretary Tpl Olugbenga Ashiru, The Chairman of Membership committee Tpl Idris Salako fnitp, Chairman Practice Committee Tpl Adebisi Adedire and the Executive Secretary were in the NITP team.

Over 45 students lead by Comrade Taofiq Atoyeibi President of Urban and Regional Planning Students of Nigeria UPSAN attended the meeting. Dr Akinola and Tpl Guse of the URP Department of Osun State University were also in attendance.

The students were encouraged about prospects in Town Planning practice and educated on membership procedure, other issues raised by the students include:  

1. Invitation to National Programmes
2. Subsidizing of MCPDP, Conference fee
3. IT and Planning Education
4. Job Prospect for planning students after graduation
5. Review of Course Outlines
6. NITP and Publicity
All issues raised were treated by National President and NEC members present.

Tpl Idris Salako,Tpl Olugbenga Ashiru,Tpl Adebisi Adedire,Tpl Niyi Odetoye and Tpl Amos donated over fifty thousand Naira in the meeting to purchased student membership form for students present at the meeting, while the Institute gave out books to all the students present.

The National President promised that the Institute and the students interaction forum shall be a regular event.


Tpl Ashiru Olugbenga Oladimeji
National Public Relations Secretary


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