As the world celebrates again, today, the World Environment Day, the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners joins in this celebration.

Our attention is particularly drawn to this year’s theme, “Connecting people to Nature”, and we wish to emphasize the need for man to live in planned settlements which seek to blend man and nature together. While nature is God’s resource made available to man, the wise utilization of this resource is what will make living sustainable.

The NITP therefore calls on governments at all levels, corporate organizations, institutions and individuals to embrace and invest in the physical planning of our settlements. This will ensure that we have ordered environments that are sustainable and inclusive, without which we will continue to live stressful lives.

Physical planning helps us to increase our convenience while still preserving our environment. We need nature to survive. As we mark the day, let’s do something to increase the greenery around us, make our drainage flow naturally, disengage from activities which disrupt our natural environment and enhance nature around us. Our future generations will appreciate our wisdom in doing so.

The NITP and its registered professionals will always be available and willing to cooperate and collaborate with governments, corporate organizations, institutions and individuals seeking professional advice in the preparation of physical development plans, the implementation of which will ultimately deliver livable, inclusive and sustainable human settlements.


Tpl. Luka Bulus Achi FNITP, National President.

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