Notice to All 900l Candidates of the NITP professional Exams

The date for submission of three (3) Researchable and Original Topics and Proposals (hard copies) to the National Secretariat by candidates who sat for the 800 and 900 Levels of the NITP Professional Qualifying Examination in August 2016 has been extended from Tuesday, 28th February to Friday, 10th March, 2017.

Candidates who fail to meet this new deadline will have to join the 2018 set.

Please note that all submissions must indicate clearly candidates’ :

(i) Name and registration number,

(II) E-mail address

(iii) Telephone number 

(iv) Postal address to which corespondenses could be sent.


Tpl (Mrs)Taiwo Olurin, Chairman NITP Exam Board 

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