State Of Planning In Nigeria… Review


1. Why the Report on the State of Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria?

Nigeria is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa. However, most urban growth and development taking place is unplanned and haphazard. About 60% of the urban population are living in informal areas. Most urban centres, do not either have development plans to guide their development or the plans are outdated. Policy makers do not give much priority to planning and plan preparation. It is interesting to note that when ever a problem occurs in the city, the blame is put on the door steps of planners.

In its determination to address the problems of lack of understanding of the importance of Town Planning by the political leadership; lack of adequate plans; and the deterioration of living conditions in most settlements, the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners has embarked on:

  • i. Carrying out a comprehensive soul searching aimed at repositioning the profession and making it more proactive and user friendly;
  • ii. Producing a comprehensive report, on the State of Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria, with the objective of profiling the existing state in urban and regional planning in the country. The report will establish not only the current status, but issues and challenges. This will enable us to identify ways to improve the principles and practice of the profession, bring about meaningful changes to remedy our current inadequacies and short comings, as well as progress from where we are today to where you want to be in the future. All these are based on the premise that no nation can make adequate progress without effective and functional urban centres.
    However, there cannot be efficient and competitive urban centres without effective urban planning. In other words effective urban planning is key national development.
  • iii. Embark on advocacy campaign to draw the attention of policy makers, city administrators, civil society organizations and the media on the serious challenges being faced by our cities and the need remedy them through adequate planning and good urban governance.

2. Why organize this workshop for all Planners or what are the objectives of the review?

The workshop is organized in order to enable all Town Planners throughout the country to make inputs into the report, to reach a general consensus on key issues and approaches as well as the way forward.

Other objectives of the workshop include:

  • Effecting necessary corrections on the facts and figures presented in the report,
  • Updating missing information on gaps in the draft report,
  • Obtaining suitable photographs/ illustrations from members across the country to be put in the report,
  •  Identifying and correcting conflicts and inconsistencies in the report, and
  • Reach a consensus among all planners on key issues and actions to remedy existing shortcomings and move planning and urban development forward in Nigeria.

More information on the NITP website

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