NITP Newsletter 1st Edition!

Newsletter Alert! The NITP has released it’s first newsletter with updates & happening in the Institute all around the country & it is available for download! Get the full information of what has been happening so you don’t miss out next time! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (25.1MB) [PDF] PS: You need a PDF Reader to […]

NITP 2nd VP, Ayinde Urges Better Approach For Urban Development Initiatives

NITP 2nd VP, Ayinde Urges Bottom-Up Approach For Integrated Urban Development Initiatives Lagos – For an achievable and effective integrated urban development initiative, governments at all levels must ensure an intensive engagement with the stakeholders, using bottom-up approach rule. Lack of this, has been given as one of the reasons why Lagos seems to lack […]

NITP urges FG to set up urban, regional planning commission

The commission is supposed to formulate national policies for urban and regional planning; initiate, prepare and implement National Physical Development Plan, regional and subject plans as well as establish and maintain urban and regional planning standard. Bothered that Nigeria is not keying into new wave of creative urban planning that helps cities evolve, town planners […]