The Minister for Solid Minerals Tpl. Abubarka Bawa Bwari Visits NITP

The Hon. Minister for Solid Minerals Tpl Abubarka Bawa Bwari was at the NITP National Secretariat, Abuja on Friday 20th July 2018.

He was received by the National President Tpl. Luka Achi fnitp, The National Secretary Tpl. Osunsanmi Gbolabo, Secretary College of fellows and staff of the Secretariat.

The Minister was at the Secretariat to attend his interview for fellowship of the Institute which he and other high profile members had applied to defer due to circumstances beyond their control.

The National President and other Council members who were present seized the opportunity to engage Tpl. (Hon) Abubakar Bawa Bwari in discussions concerning the development of the National Secretariat named after his father who was Past President of NITP and TOPREC. The minister was enthusiastic about the project and promised to play a prominent role in it’s implementation.

Tpl Ashiru Olugbenga Oladimeji
National Public Relations Secretary

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