The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners is the non-profit making professional association of persons who practise the profession of urban and regional planning in Nigeria. The activities of Town Planners need no further illustration when you see organized environments in our cities and other human settlements within the country.

This Institute holds National Conference and Annual General Meeting every year during which issues of national importance and relevance are discussed, and recommendations are forwarded to government and other stake-holders with a view to facilitating organized growth and physical development in our nation.

The goal of the National Conference this year is to take an overview of the security challenges facing the country with a view to exploring the application of physical planning strategies to minimize them and thereby facilitate growth and development in various aspects of our national life. This issue, we believe is of paramount importance to this nation particularly in the face of our current experiences.

Theme: Landuse Planning and National Security.

Sub Themes.
a.    Underlying Philosophical Basis of Landuse Planning;
b.    Slum and Criminality – what correlations?
c.    Infrastructural Delivery and Crime;
d.    Accurate Basemap – Security Implications.

a.    To review the origin, types and modes of security challenges in the country;
b.    To identify major impediments and their relationships to safety such as development patterns, infrastructural provisions, mapping information, etc.
c.    To compare global prevalence with local episodes, and draw relevant examples of global best practices in security management;
d.    To improve on the skills and competences of practitioners in the built environment in designing human environments with minimal security challenges;
e.    To explore the application of physical planning and urban design strategies to minimize criminality;
f.    To recommend appropriate policies, programmes and strategies for minimizing security challenges in the country to relevant stakeholders for consideration and implementation.

The Conference is scheduled to be officially declared open by Your Excellency at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday 5th November, 2013 at Concorde Hotels and Casino Ltd in Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.


  1. Sequel to the up coming programme, we’ll like to use this medium to salute the courage of those that brought up this theme in this critical times we here in; we are in a time when people are forced against their will to perpetrate evil in the society tagging it to be in support of their religious doctrine. A time where people in high places that are so respected but find it difficult to punish the offenders due to their being corrupt.
    It is a welcome idea we should all be in it support. May Allah makes it beneficial; Amin

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