A group of concerned Town Planners headed by PP Waheed Kadiri; FNITP organized a colloquium to discuss pressing issues affecting the Nation and the profession of Town Planning in Nigeria. These arose as a fall out from conversations and correspondences between some eminent Planners in the IEEP social media.


The colloquium was held at 10.00am on Thursday, 14th January, 2016 at the NITP-Joseph Awogbemi House, Plot H6, Block H, Ikeja Lagos.


Planners from far and near including Past presidents attended the colloquium. NITP was ably represented by the Ag National President, Tpl Luka Achi; FNITP, 2NVP, Tpl Ezutah Lekwah; FNITP the National Secretary (represented by the 2ANS Tpl Patrick Nyam; MNITP) and the Executive Secretary Tpl BG Madziga; MNITP. The immediate Past president of the Institute, Tpl Chief S. Onu; FNITP (Ex Officio I) and immediate past National Secretary, Tpl N Atebije; FNITP (Ex Offcio II) were also present.

In his welcome speech the Chairman of the occasion, Tpl W Kadiri; FNITP noted that one of the challenges of the profession was that government attitude and low appreciation of urban and Regional Planning especially when decisions are taken, budgets are proposed and locational decisions are taken without consideration of urban and regional planning implications.


It is envisaged that Planners will define synopsis of the nation, its implications and sketch out strategies that the profession can follow with implementation process nationwide. Furthermore the forum was intended to debunk the argument that town planning activities “have been socially regressive, benefitting land and property owners and the educated and articulate middle class rather than the community”.


A way to wriggle out of this pigeon-hole had led to this forum where it is though that Planners can articulate how to make the profession more visible. It should be noted that the forum was brought in through private initiatives.

Papers were presented by eminent Fellows, members of the Institute and from the Academia on the following theme:


Planning and State of the Nation

Tpl Luka Achi (National President)

Tpl Lekwa Ezutah

Tpl Barka Madziga


Challenges of the Practice of Town Planning

Tpl Steve Onu

Tpl Toyin Ayinde

Tpl Makinde Ogunleye

Tpl HO Badejo

Tpl (Dr) Taibat Lawanso


Branding the Profession

Tpl Moses Ogunley

Prof Lai Oso

Mr Kunle Fatoki

Tpl Oliade Afolabi


Planning and Technology

Tpl Femi Olorunto

Tpl (Prof) Julius Olujimki

Tpl Oyesiku


Past President Bunmi Ajayi anchored and concluded the General Discussions session.

Members of the Local Organizing Committee for the Colloquium are: Tpl Waheed Kadiri: FNITP, PP (Chairman), Tpl Ayodele Adediran, Tpl Dele Akindele, Tpl (Mrs) Animasaun, Tpl Omotayo Awomosu, Tpl Seun Ogunseye, Tpl Kazeem Bakinson (Secretary)


A COMMUNIQUÉ will be presented as soon as the organizers present the final copy.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.


  1. With due respect, it seems the NITP as an Institute is becoming repetitive about the short-comings of planning in Nigeria and why government is less supportive of planning as obtained in saner climes. From the list of papers presented, what else is new that have not been written or said in the past? And of the past, what follow-up actions has the NITP taken to address any of the issues of concern to a logical conclusion till date?
    Methinks Town Planners should stop talking to Town Planners. Let us carry our important message to the consumers of planning……. the government and the citizenry. Our intended message will make more impact with these two groups if we know the right cord to strike. The government has the power of law and funding, which is very key to planning. On the other hand, the citizenry should be constantly engaged on the importance of planning in order for Nigerians to embrace it as a social remedy for enhancing their good quality of life.
    Secondly, Planners report very little of what they do to help Nigerian communities, hence the citizens hardly hear or read what planners do. We need to examine that aspect critically. Nigerians need a large dosage of information on success stories of planning….(policy, programme, projects,) that could be pointed to as examples. We need to downplay paper presentation and be more of showing off (through information dissemination) how planning impacts the lives of the people. E.g Ikoyi-Lekki link Bridge is a product of good planning which people see and feel its positive impact on reduction of traffic congestion in Ikoyi environs.
    Space constraint would limit my other humble suggestions.
    I commend the effort of the convener of the colloquium, but let the NITP be more informative and practical in its approach about planning in Nigeria. Planning impact is what people really appreciate in most societies of the world, not jargon-filled academic papers. Nigeria cannot be different from that reality.

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