The 43rd Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) ended with the election of Tpl. (Chief) Steve I. Onu fnitp as the 20th National President of the Institute. The National President in his acceptance speech commended the effort of his predecessor, Tpl. Kabir M. Yari, fnitp for bringing stability in the Institute and promised to continue from where he stopped. He charged the Council and the entire members of the Institute to exhibit professionalism and embrace high moral standards and integrity in the practice of the profession.

He further pledged to uphold the constitution of the Institute and see to it that the State of Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria Project is completed. He hopes to network with Federal and State Governments and sister professional bodies in pursuit of Sustainable Human Settlement Planning in Nigeria as well as collaborating with International Agencies such as UN-Habitat and IHS in Training, Research and Capacity Building for Urban and Regional Planners in the country. He further commended the Federal and the affected State Governments in their efforts to come to the aid of the internally displaced persons as a result of flooding in some parts of the country but cautioned that such aid should not be limited to the distribution of relief materials alone but proper resettlement of the victims in a well planned living environment.

Furthermore, he reiterated that it is possible the phenomenon may recur as a result of climate change and therefore urged that Government’s efforts should be geared towards averting the disaster in future, by coming up with programmes backed with legislations to identify and protect disaster prone areas of the country from human encroachment. He also advised the Committees set up by the Federal and State Governments to minimize the duration of stay of the displaced persons in temporary camps by working with Town Planners to identify suitable sites, and designing same to accommodate them.




National Public Relations Secretary, NITP.

11th November, 2012.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.


  1. I am a student of the department of urbane and regional planning, Dederal University of Technology, Minna. Please I wan to know the list of the Executive Council members of the NITP,
    Thank you.

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