Town Planners National President call for Solution to Building Collapse

The National President of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners Tpl Lekwa Ezutah fnitp reacting to the recent buildings collapses in the country, has called for a massive urban renewal of Nigerian cities.

He observed that some cities have very old areas where the buildings may be older than Nigeria as a sovereign state.

Reacting to the issue at the NITP Building, Abuja. He opined that government, as a matter of urgent necessity should commission professional planners to carry out indepth studies of cities with a view to recommending sustainable policies and plans to address the matter.

He drew the attention to the fact that cities are the engines of growth in any society, hence matters that affect their viability and livability should be priorities to government and all stakeholders.

He also called on the professionals who either build or undertake to supervise buildings on the need to verify the brand, quality, and quantity of materials used for buildings. No aspect or detail should treated with levity.

He called on professional bodies to step-up in their responsibilities to sanction members who do compromise standards.

The implementation of Site Analysis Report and Environmental Impact Assessment are to be strictly undertaken for every development.

He expressed concerns that Human life’s are precious and we can’t afford to keep mute and watch our citizens perish in the hands of incompetent professionals.

All legislative provisions must be reviewed by the National Assembly and strictly observed failing which appropriate sanctions must be meted to defaulters.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.

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