TPL. Femi Olomola’s Visit to the NITP Ogun State Monthly Meeting

The NITP President, TPL Femi Olomola paid a visit to the Ogun State Chapter of the Institute just in time for their monthly meeting. During his address, he stated that he had 3 reasons for attending the meeting:

1.  To tender an apology
2.  To present a gift to the kabiyesi
3.  To present the proposals of the National Executives


He tendered an apology for coming late to the 2015 Biennal dinner/Award of Excellence, he blamed it on mechanical problem his experienced with his vehicle. He said it pained him more because he has been looking forward to the event which he has attended with past Present Yari and Past President Onu. He later on presented what he called the Land Use Planning Report been proposed at the National level. He explained what the land use planning report is all about and called for members support for the proposal.

The National President there after presented 2015 NITP Dairies to all the Fellows present and sent some copies to the Alake through the State Chapter Chairman. The Chairman on behalf of the Institute reciprocated by presenting a gift to the president.



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