Tpl Lekwa Ezutah’s Inauguration Speech as NITP President

From the National President’s Desk:

LOVING father, we are grateful for all that has come and gone, and we give thanks for new love, new harmony and new progress. Thank You for a successful National Conference and Annual General Meeting. Thank You for journey mercies back to our various homes and reuniting us with our family.

On behalf of the new Executive, I express our appreciation to the membership of this Institute for the confidence reposed in us to pilot the affairs of our noble profession for the next twelve (12) months. With the concurrence of the other members of the Executive, I wish to assure you of our best, we shall not disappoint.

We are all aware that much is expected of us, of course, because dissatisfaction with the status quo is the dynamo of progress. We must continue to strive for excellence. To make progress we must will critically assess ourselves and accept that though the Institute has come a long way, we still have much to achieve.

However, our collective success depends very much on our cooperation and practice of the TEAM Spirit. Surely, the TEAM culture, (Together Everybody Achieves More) will lift the Institute to unprecedented heights of progress. In this direction may I plead with all members to quickly put the elections behind them.


The NITP is a professional body and not a political party hence has no room nor need for opposition. There is no question of entrenching in office the party of the current Executive. Another opportunity to serve will present itself in twelve (12) months.


On our part, we:

  • Appreciate the fact that our organization being a voluntary one needs leaders not rulers. We will see ourselves as FACILITATORS rather than Directors. We will lead by following the members in front. We will always have at the back of our minds the saying, “if you want to move fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, carry others along.
  • Appreciate the fact that ideas rule the world. Appreciate the need to be open and receptive, and harness all available ideas/resources, distill them and pick the best for implementation. Of course that is planning. Contributions in the form of ideas are welcome.
  • CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM will be appreciated. MALICIOUS OBEDIENCE will be discouraged. 
  • Acknowledge every message and forget the messenger. We must focus on the message and not the person. We must forget our personality/ego for all are important and needed. We must cooperate as professional colleagues or perish as fools.
  • We will go by the Spirit of inclusiveness which gives everyone the opportunity to play his/her role. We must know what, where, when and who! The aim being to build a strong organization and not pray for strong personalities. No member or officer including the President should be allowed the privilege to put the Institute on hold.
  • Appreciate the good from our past, build upon past achievement and let everything else go, let go worn out things, worn out conditions and worn out relationships. We are prepared to do things differently; do it the way it should be done not the way we have been doing it; for there is no better definition of insanity than “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. What you sow is what you reap.


Our driving force will be hinged on the following:


To uphold the constitution of NITP, promote and defend the achievement of its goals and objectives for the benefit and welfare of planners and other co-tenants of the built environment.






  • Refocus the Institute’s Secretariat for efficient service delivery and to serve as good institutional memory.
  • Grow membership that appreciates the purpose of the Town Planning Profession.
  • Strengthen member’s professional competence for quality service delivery.
  • Increase substantially, public awareness of the purpose of Town Planning through public enlightenment.


  • Organize programmes and projects to facilitate
  • Localization of the New Urban Agenda.
  • Develop National Minimum Planning Standards and
  • Colour Code and Development Control Code/Manual in line with the provisions of the Urban and Regional Planning
  • Law and the National Building Code.
  • Adoption of Land Use Planning and Analysis Report, LUPAR.
  • Improve the condition of NITP-Franklin Akinyemi House and facilitate its occupation and use.
  • Finalize negotiations with development partners and continue construction of New Headquarters Building; NITP- Bawa Bwari House.
  • Complete the process of Reviewing NITP Constitution.
  • Facilitate the organization of Nigerian Urban Forum.

Finally, may I remind us that our success depends very much on our working as a team; Presidency, Management, National Executive Committee, Council and the entire membership of the Institute; and request for your cooperation.
Thank God for making us as big as our challenges.



Tpl. Lekwa O. Ezutah FNITP
Tuesday, November 27, 2018


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  1. Congratulations sir. I am particularly interested in the goal to increase public awareness of the purpose of Town Planning through public enlightenment. Sir, I will humbly suggest that in trying to do this, attention is given to ensuring that the government of the day at all levels understand the importance of physical planning as it relates development in its entirety.

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