femiNature smiled on the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners when, at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Lagos on 31st  October, 2014, the man, Tpl ‘Femi Olomola Phd (FNITP) successfully emerged the arrow head of the Executive Committee of the Institute after a general election which was part of the Annual General meeting/ National Conference of the Institute. Town Planners from all over Nigeria and even in diaspora, numbering about two thousand unanimously, greeted the emergence of this academic pundit and professional colossus as the National President of NITP with a thunderous and standing ovation.

Tpl (Dr.) Olomola, though appreciative of the legacies already bequeathed by his progenitors in the Institute, in his acceptance speech which encapsulated his ebullience and zeal to marshalled immediately his vision for the Institute for the next two yearsin his inaugural speech stated that: “Between us and the next generation, there is contract” that has to be fulfilled.  He, wnet ahead with his team to marshall out their seven (7) point agenda as follows:-

  • The Law and Constitutional matters.
  • Job creation.
  • Improving the asset base of the Institute.
  • Improving current operational modalities.
  • Need for NITP strategic/master plan.
  • Sustaining Human Capital Development and
  • Extensive publicity and public enlightenment on the value of the profession.

Immediately after the Conference and on the same night, the Committee under his leadership held a meeting and swung into action. In his bid to realize his job creation agendum in particular, at the 17th (2015) edition of the Mandatory Professional Development Programme (MCPDP), the “Landuse Planning and Analysis Reporting (LUPAR)” was used as a theme and discussed extensively by all Town planners and professional bodies in the Federation. The resultant off-shoot of the various discourses and several fora was the production of a template, which is intended to be used for the generation of a minimum of five million units of jobs for Town Planners and even people in allied professions.

Almost half way into the first year of his administration, Tpl (Dr.) Olomola fell sick. Despite his sickness, he often placed calls to us and to inquire on the progress made. He battled with this health challenge for months before he finally gave up the ghost on 31st May, 2016.

The world, they say, is a stage where every man plays his own part and goes away. The man, Dr. Femi Olomola, though did not last too long on the face of the earth, made an indelible imprint on the sands of time. His antecedents and vestiges in the profession of urban and regional planning can hardly be equaled by his contemporaries. Dr. Femi Olomola, a holder of a Doctorate Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, carried out many town planning projects including University master plans, contributed to many academic works in the profession and held several posts in the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners. He was at various times:

  • National President, Association of Town Planning Consultants of Nigeria (ATOPCON) October 2007 to September, 2009.
  • Chairman, Lagos State Chapter, NITP – May 2000 to June 2002.
  • Chairman, Practice Committee, NITP- June 1996 to June 1998.
  • Vice-Chairman, Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, Lagos State chapter June 1996 to June 1998.
  • Member, Ten- Man Lagos State Government Committee on Inventory and Audit of all High Rise Buildings on Lagos Island- May 2006.


To climax his service to the Institute, he became the National President in October, 2014 a post which he held till his death.

Since God gives and takes at will as the ultimate Owner, we cannot but glorify HIS holy name for bringing Dr Femi Olomola into this world, using you profitably and taking him back as destined.

We pray God to grant his soul repose in his bosom. Adieu, our National President, adieu our professional colossus till we meet to part no more.



Signed, Tpl Luka Bulus Achi; FNITP
Ag National President


  1. May your fate sustains your in eternity. You were indeed a great town planner and has left a gap in the profession. Your good works will be forever remembered.

  2. The legacy left behind by the late Dr. Femi Olomola, NITP National President was that of a committed, astute and visionary professional, whose tenure, though very brief, was very impacting. He did not seek office for selfish reason…….”peck of office”. He was a National President like no others. To keep his legacy aflame, the NITP must bring two of his many visions to fruition, to wit:
    i.) Land Use Planning Reporting
    ii) Inclusion of Urban and Regional Planning in the Concurrent List of the Nigerian Constitution.
    To do otherwise, would be a great disservice and outright betrayal to a man who gave “his all” to the service of NITP at point in the life of the Institute, when it was being atrophied with lack of innovative ideas. Dr. Femi Olomola came to the rescue. He gave us a very valuable/innovative idea……..LAND USE PLANNING REPORTING!
    Adieu Dr. Olomola, rest in perfect piece.

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