WUF9 concludes with ‘Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Cities 2030’


The 9th World Urban Forum (WUF9) has concluded with the ‘Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Cities 2030’.

To encourage the formulation of implementation frameworks for the New Urban Agenda at all levels, including monitoring mechanisms, providing coordinated space for an effective contribution from all stakeholders, and aligning to the efforts and actions of the 2030 Agenda.

The declaration was presented at the closing ceremony of the WUF9 by TV personality and activist Ras Adiba Radzi, together with the Youth delegation of Malaysia’s, Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham representing participants gathered at the forum. 


We, the participants of the Ninth session of the World Urban Forum — representing  national, subnational and local governments, parliamentarians, civil society, older persons, women, youth, children, persons with disabilities, grassroots groups, indigenous peoples and local communities, private sector, foundations and philanthropies, international and regional organizations, academia, professionals and other relevant stakeholders — gathered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to localize and scale up the implementation of the New Urban Agenda as an accelerator to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Led by a strong spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation, we share our aspirations for the future of Cities 2030 as the Cities for all where no-one and no place is left behind.

To this end, we call for the deployment of all efforts, means and resources available towards the operationalization of the concept of cities for all, ensuring that all inhabitants, of present and future generations, without discrimination of any kind, are able to inhabit and produce just, safe, healthy, accessible, affordable, resilient and sustainable cities and human settlements to foster prosperity and quality of life for all.

We believe that global, regional, national and local implementation frameworks of the New Urban Agenda being formulated since its adoption should be supported by key enablers capable of unlocking positive transformation, such as:

continuous dialogue among different levels of government and participation of all actors, and increasing multilevel and cross-sectoral coordination, transparency and accountability.

Read the rest of the declaration here.


The NITP was well represented at the forum


WUF9 was held from February 7-13. WUF is a non-legislative technical forum convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) since 2002.

It is recognised as the foremost global arena for interaction among policymakers, local government leaders, non-governmental organisations and expert practitioners in the field of sustainable urban development and human settlements.

About 25,000 participants from 185 countries attended the forum.

The city of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates will host the WUF10 in 2020.

The NITP is Nigeria’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable, integrative and inclusive planning. This is the official website.

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